Ivan Sohrakoff Self Portrait

I love photography. I love the sharpness of digital images, the character of film, and the magic of seeing a print appear before my eyes. I love that a photograph can simply be a utility, a medium to communicate, or a work of art. I love the taking, the giving, the rambling around, and the gut-feeling that a photograph can evoke.

I grew up in the woods of Humboldt County (fishing, hiking, wandering), went to college at UC Davis (I met a girl in art class), and now live in Woodland, California. I have been working in the graphic-arts field in Northern California for over 23 years. I am a musician, a woodworker, a letterpress printer, and have a passion for building things with my hands.

I learned the basics of photography at UC Davis, but I'm quite certain that my photographic approach will be evolving forever. I have primarily been making landscape images in the last few years, but I shoot everything from portraits to products. I use digital, film, plastic, metal and wood cameras... some of which are older than dirt, and some are modern. I have no qualms about combining technology with time-tested processes. I love the 19th-century process of wet-plate collodion and creating original tin-types. I love photographing in the early morning. Most of all, I am happy to be living within the first 200 years since the invention of photography.